So that giant ogre has been secretly following Charles and Margo this whole time! How did Margo know? There must have been some clues! Can you find that sneaky ogre mom? Let’s have a contest!

If you’ve got sharp eyes, YOU can spot Gertrude the ogre, shadowing Margo and Charles all throughout their hunt for the missing baby ogre (between pages 74 78 and 102)! Tell me at least 5 panels that you’ve spotted her lurking (page number and panel number) and I’ll enter you in the contest to win an original Margo Maloo drawing. There are ten total panels, but some of them are pretty hard to spot! Hint: remember that ogres have glowing amber eyes and horns!

If you spot every single appearance, I’ll put your name in twice. ;-)

Email your guesses to:
All entries must be received by 10am, August 4th, 2015