Still working on the pitch. I’ve been reading a lot of books about Russia while working on this pitch, and looking at a lot of Russian art. Have you heard of Ivan Bilibin? He is a pretty amazing Russian art nouveau guy. Remember, I heard of him first, so that means I get first dibs on ripping him off.

Today while Eleanor and I were at the coffee shop, a guy came up and introduced himself as a kid I’d gone to elementary school with back in Lexington, VA – he said he’d seen me around but had never said hello before, and that at one point he was living two houses down from me for a while. We went to the same hippy preschool place, and I think we were in a summer painting workshop together when I was in middle school. Now he’s playing in a thrash metal band called Baroness. What a crazy world.

A few days ago, my friend Joey was trying to name an 80s tv show, and the best he could come up with was “Chachi Does Two Guys.”