A new “Pup” strip today at Serializer, for your edification and amusement.

The new Little Trees page probably won’t be up until next week. The mad crunch on that SPX anthology submission took up most of my drawing time this week! Another thing I’m working on is getting that complete Journal Comic collection together. It’s taking so long because I’m putting a bunch of extra stuff into it. This also involves finishing up a bunch of strips from back in the day, that I got half-way through before abandoning them (due to lack of time.) I’ll post up the cover in a bit.

Ryan “Peq” asked me nicely to link to his site, so there you go, Ryan. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

So I bought some “King Vitaman” cereal the other day, and the box had some half-hearted riddles on the side, as such cereals are wont to have. “What runs around King Vitaman’s castle? Mice! Which of King Vitaman’s knights weighs 300 pounds? Sir Lunchalot!” But then there’s this one: “What’s the king’s favorite cereal? King Vitaman!” Well, jeez. You weren’t even trying with that one. If someone’s reading those riddles, they’ve already bought the cereal. You’re not going to convince them to buy more with a lame “riddle.” Asides from that, the cereal was inoffensive.

Eleanor gets back from Arizona in less than two days!