I recently got back into Savannah, after spending a week in Virginia. I spent some time with my Mom, went up to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother, and helped to settle some of the financial stuff connected to my Dad’s death.

Now that I’m back I’m slowly but steadily catching up with some of the work that’s built up in my abscence. I’m working my way back through the email, and trying to get to everybody. I appreciate all the sympathy and condolences I’ve gotten. If I haven’t responded to you I will soon.

I should have been able to start sending out the majority of the Journal Comic collections this week, but the big box of padded envelopes that I got yesterday turned out to be about half an inch too small to actually fit the book into. Figures. I guess I can use them to send out minicomics.

I should get new mailers before the end of the week. I’ll try to send out as many books as possible before the 21st, which is when I have to head back to Virginia for a couple days, for a memorial service being held at VMI. I’ll only be away for a couple days, so most of the books should hopefully be in the mail before the end of the month.