There should be a new Set to Sea panel up tomorrow.

Eleanor and I have had a good couple of days. I’ve been trying my hand at some cooking – I made some quasi-enchiladas the other day with homemade red sauce, and yesterday I made a citrusy “caribbean style” chili, which came out so incredibly spicy that it scared us both. We went out and saw a concert on Friday, too – the headliner was Architecture in Helsinki, but I think Eleanor and I were most impressed by an opening act called The Blow, which consisted solely of a small mousy girl doing wild twitchy dances all over the stage and singing embarrassingly personal songs that sounded sort of like Suzanne Vega backed by breakbeats. Eleanor was so infatuated she bought their CD from the merch booth, and has now played it at least 11 times, according to iTunes.

So yeah, we found a kitten. On Saturday we were walking back from downtown, and as we were passing a big parking lot, we heard some distinctly mew-like sounds coming from under a bush by the street. Luckily I had a little led light on me (it came with the Swiss Army knife Eleanor got me for my birthday!) so we shined it under the bush and saw some tiny eyes looking back at us. After about twenty minutes of wrangling we caught the little thing and put it in a bag, and took it home. He’s a tiny little grey boy kitten – very friendly, though a bit shy. We’ve pretty much decided to keep him – but this is the last one!

He’s living on our screened-in back porch now, since we have to get him some tests, shots, and flea treatment before he mingles with our cats.

Momo and the kitten are staring at each other through the window. Hopefully they’ll get along when they meet in person.

We put a lot of toys on the back porch for him to play with. He’s a little afraid of most of them though! He’s very tiny.

Here the kitten emerges from the kitten hideout we built! Some previous tenants made a little cat door into the workshop out on the back porch. Since the workshop is a little too dangerous for the kitten to run around in unchecked, we duct-taped a cardboard box on the other side, and filled it with towels. Presto, instant kitten fort! He spends a lot of time in there – he’s scared to come out when we’re not out on the porch with him. Again, he’s very tiny.

Here’s a little video of him running around and playing with a broom.