Unless something goes wrong… all of the standing orders of Journal Comics are in the mail! So if you ordered one, you should be receiving it in a week or two, hopefully. The estimated time for delivery of media mail is 7 to 21 days, so let’s just say: if you haven’t received your book by 6/15/05, drop me an email. International orders may take longer.

Now that I’ve finally taken care of the books, I’m looking forward to launching a new shop page very, very soon. It will be pretty cool, I promise you.

I hung out a bit with some cartoonist/artist type friends last night, and certain of them were giving me grief about never linking to their sites. So you should probably go visit my friends Joey and David’s sites. Because they guilted me, but also because they are both doing some seriously funny, interesting comics right now. I have at least one other friend to whom I will link, when he finally gets a proper website up.

Ah, a night of Spicy Curry Chicken, Old Milwaukee, and talking comics. These are the golden years.