We just got back from a night trip to the beach with , , , , and – about a 30 minute drive from my house. We went for Michele’s birthday and to see a meteor shower. Just as we arrived and were walking down the boardwalk, a huge shooting star crossed the sky directly over our heads, so large it seemed to leave a smoking trail behind it. Alas, nobody saw it but me – and they all refused to believe me. We waded around and watched the skies. I never saw another as spectacular as the first, but everyone managed to spot at least one or two. As we kicked around in the surf down by the jetties at the end of the beach, we noticed that as each wave broke on the beach, dozens of tiny sparkles flickered in the water. We spent a while trying to catch them in our hands, before we realized that there must have millions of the tiny things embedded in the sand – raking your fingers through left a trail of quickly fading sparks.

Then, a melancholy trip back home.