Hi, y’all. Here’s some mildly boring pictures of Eleanor and me in England!

Yeah, we got back a long time ago. I just haven’t had any art I could post up recently, so I’ve been keeping quiet. What did we do in England? Went to about ten million pubs, and drank about a million pints of bitter! It was great. You don’t even have to tip in bars in England, apparently – though everything is about twice as expensive as here so you don’t really save any money.  We did a few other things there too, but I’ll let you look at the pictures.

I didn’t crack my sketchbook the whole time there, though. I’ve got to start being more disciplined.

OH HEY YEAH, the FLUKE anthology deadline! That was actually up a few days ago, but if you’ve been working on something and still want to submit it, drop me a line ( drew “at” drewweing “dot com” ) and let me know. Unless you already did. Or I emailed you.