Been a while since I posted… lessee, what have I been up to? I spent the better part of a week helping Eleanor move her stuff into my apartment, and rearranging everything to fit. We both have a lot of junk, so it’s been quite a Tetris puzzle. A lot of it is getting thrown or given away, inevitably. A lot of action figures, comics and other geeky stuff I’ve long since outgrown. I’m thinking about taking most of it out and selling it at Keller’s Flea Market later this summer, which should be a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll even make back the table fee. Eleanor and I also spent a good couple of days cleaning her old place, and doing some necessary repainting (Poster putty is an evil, evil invention. Don’t be drawn in by its convenience. It will extract its price later down the line).

Once we’re done rearranging the house and studio, maybe I’ll take a few pictures and post them up. It’s going to look pretty snazzy.

On a related note, it seems like everyone I know is redesigning their website recently. Maybe it’s something in the air, because I’ve been feeling like mine is a bit on the stale side as well. But only if I have the time. My main priority at the moment is trying to finish a story for the upcoming SPX anthology. After that, I’d like to finally finish my piece for the Flight anthology, if they’ll still have me. That “one panel at a time” comic I’ve been posting over the last couple months should hopefully work it’s way into a complete minicomic before SPX rolls around. I have a couple other short comic stories I’d like to get out of my system as well. Not to mention the other in-progress work I have going. Eesh. I have almost no discipline, and even less skill at prioritizing.

I saw the new trailer for Burton’s new “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie. A lot of people have been saying good things about it, which is strange, because I found it extremely difficult to watch. It looks like a real travesty. Maybe most people are basing their expectations on the earlier movie (which is problematic in its own way), and haven’t read the book. I have no idea what Johnny Depp is trying to do in this movie, but I don’t like it.