If you didn’t hear, Eleanor and I packed a decent chunk of our worldly possessions into a rental RV and headed west to Tucson, Arizona. After Danny was born we were planning to spend a lot of 2020 traveling back and forth to spend time with Eleanor’s parents. When the pandemic started, all those plans went out the window. 

So we made a new plan to get Danny to his grandparents. We couldn’t afford to do anything to expose Elo’s folks (especially her 84-year-old grandmother) to Covid, so renting an RV and trying to avoid any stop other than gas stations seemed like the best method. We podded up with our friend Sophia, spent two weeks in deep quarantine in our house, then hit the road with Danny and our two cats. We spent a few night camping at national parks, a few nights in RV parks, caught flats twice on the blazing highways of the desert southwest, but eventually made it to our new house. We’ll be back in Athens eventually (some friends are staying in our house now) but we’ll be in Tucson until the pandemic is over. I’ll do another post about our new house soon!