I guess this’ll be premiering at SPX!

The 2007 Fluke Anthology! Here’s the lineup:

Fluke – Aaron Fu
The Suitor – Shawn Cheng
A Night of Georgia Haints – Patrick Dean
After School Snacks – Joseph Lambert
The Acker Brothers – Mike Laughead
Medusa’s Tangled Locks – Coleman Engle
Otto – David Mack
. – Mel Stringer
Surprise! – Kelly Froh
The Whole Protools Affair – Dorothy Gambrell
Apple Turnover – David Yoder
Untitled – Antar Ellis
Everybody Knows – Joey Weiser
Traume Von Magpie – Doug Frey
Van-got Your Back – Kevin Burkhalter
Meat Cute – Eleanor Davis
Pineal L’il Frauleins – Benjamin Constantine
Invention – Michele Chidester
Doe Rae Me – Alexander Bullett
Faux-boes – Max Clotfelter
Algernon Lamb – Drew Weing
Dumb Luck – Jeremy Sorese
The Sea Demon – Chris Wright
Salt Lick – Matt Wiegle
Fluke – Missy Kulik

88 pages long! Still not sure about the cover price.

I got a tremendous amount of excellent submissions – I’m really proud of this one. So if you’ll be at SPX this year, drop on by the table and check it out! I think we’ll be on the right hand side of the room, toward the back.