Hey, what’s up? I’ve been pretty busy in the last week or two. Eleanor and I spent a good amount of time getting some new minicomics together for Fluke… we spent a solid couple of days silkscreening, photocopying, assembling. We had two new minis to debut at the show – Elo’s Mattie and Dodi, and our joint “anthology” mini, Bugbear. Not to mention printing up the official poster. We’re improving our silkscreening technique bit by painful bit – our prints all turned out really well, though we thought the whole thing was going to be a disaster about halfway through. It was the first time we’ve done a three-color print.

All three of the new minis should go on sale over at Little House by early next week! Plus Blar will be back in stock. You can get the Fluke poster right now, though.

With no further adieu, here’s our Fluke 2006 “con report.” All of these photos and more were taken by Antar, who’ll probably have something to say about them on his own blog as well!

Hey folks! Fluke was awesome as usual! If you didn’t know, Fluke is a minicomics and small press expo that takes place every year in Athens, GA. It’s always at Tasty World, which is a bar. Here’s our belated photos and commentary:

CHECK THIS MOTHER OUT! We made a ton of Fluke posters, and whether you were there and didn’t get one, or want another one, or wish you had been there, or just think it’s a cool poster, YOU CAN BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF FOR A MERE $8! Holy cow! All proceeds go to Fluke!

Here’s me and Drew with the poster. My hair is totally greasy and gross. Also, I am in my pajamas.

Our table at Fluke! Boy, it sure looks a lot less scrappy with the bigger, prettier new books on there!

Drew is handsome.

Mary Jessica is awesome! Also her new issue of Halloween has the cutest cover EVER

Patrick Dean’s new Giant Big Deal is so great! I read the whole thing right away, and then I pretended I hadn’t read it yet and read it all over again! Also: Eloise is the current cutest baby of America. When Mary Jessica and Robert’s baby comes it will have to fight Eloise for the title of #1. WHO WILL WIN?!?!?

Our Savannah buddy David Yoder and Robert Newsome, Fluke organizer extraordinaire.

The Dean Trippe!

JP and Steven, of One Percent Press (with Kevin between them!)

J Chris Campbell!

The talented Mandy at the Fluke admission table (behind her – th’ poster you want.)

Opening night at Dear Diary, the awesome art show that Mary Jessica curated!!!!

Antar and Antar’s Art.

Me and Drew lookin’ shaggy next to our shaggy art.