Hi everyone! I posted this on my Patreon page, but figured it should go here as well.

Well, seeing as it’s December 31st, it seems increasingly unlikely that Chapter 3 of Margo Maloo is going to start in December after all! I’d feel weird about taking any money from Patreon this month when I haven’t given you anything in return, so if you’re a patron, I’m going to tweak the settings so you won’t be charged for December.

I’ve had a pretty interesting year!

February – Launched Margo Maloo!
July – Went to California for the first time ever, and went to my first (maybe last?) San Diego Comic-Con.
September – started co-writing a kids’ comic with my wife. (Flop to the Top – it’ll be out from Toon Books in 2015).
~AND~ December – Quit my day job!

So, that last one was a biggie. I loved my job – I’ve been a deli manager at our local co-op grocery store – Daily Groceries, here in Athens – for the last four years. I hate to leave in a lot of ways – it was a warm, healthy working environment with great co-workers (check it out if you’re in the area!) And trying to make a living off of art is everything you’ve heard – I know, I’ve tried it in the past.

Getting such a good response from my Patreon campaign, and having a deal for this kids comic I’m co-creating with Eleanor (and its tight, tight deadlines) is what persuaded me to take this leap. And it is a leap – I’m by no means guaranteed to be getting anywhere near a living wage off of comics in 2015.

Work on Flop to the Top should be wrapping up by the beginning of January (it, of course, is taking a little longer than expected). After that, I’ll be be back drawing Margo Maloo twice as hard. After all – it’s my day job now.

Thanks for sticking around – and I mean it.