Here’s a couple more of those pitch illustrations I’ve been working on. And with any luck, there’ll be a new Set to Sea panel up tomorrow!

Our friend Chris Wright is staying over at our house this week. I think we’re probably completely boring the pants off of him, though. We’re pretty boring people. All we normally do is sit around and draw all day, while listening to radio shows (current favorite: Thinking Allowed) and audio books (still on The Lord of the Rings.)

Eleanor and I are working on the cover to a joint mini we’re making, to be entitled Bugbear, which will collect most of our recent anthology work and other such comics. I’ve drawn my half of the cover, now it’s Eleanor’s turn. Eleanor’s been busy inking her new comic, Mattie and Dodi – she’s been burning through about two pages a day! We’re trying to get all these minis out by the time Fluke rolls around (April 1st.)

Speaking of minis, we’re temporarily out of Blar over at the Little House shop. There’ll definitely be more in a week or two. The same cannot be said for Eleanor’s box set of minis, which is officially sold out. Sorry if you didn’t get one!