…. I am still alive and drawing comics. I just can’t let you see them. Yet.

I spent most of today drawing, actually. And burning a bunch of albums I’ve had sitting around on the computer forever.

Hmm… some recent events:

Antar got a bad cold, then promptly gave it to me. So I passed it along to Eleanor. We all had a good week or so of fun with that. Stuffed-up head, runny nose, and the kind of cough that makes you think you’re going to throw up. Luckily, we were all mostly over it by last week, when Eleanor’s little sister Leta got into town. Leta apparently came with the firm intention of never leaving Eleanor’s house (the shy sort,) but Eleanor managed to drag her all over town anyway. I got to tag along for some of it. On Monday we all went to “Sushi Zen,” an upscale hipsterish sort of Japanese restaurant downtown. They played the “Kill Bill” soundtrack while we were there, and we had to take off our shoes and sit at one of those low tables. Large quantities of sushi were ordered, which I got to try. I’d actually never had sushi before (at least the raw fish kind.) I’m not sure if I liked it or not. I definitely don’t recommend eating a tongue-sized chunk of raw salmon spiked with wasabi, in one bite.

On Friday, we went out to Tybee Beach and frolicked in the waves and such. We cleared out of the water for a bit when an uncomfortably shark-reminiscent dolphin cruised by, but got back in eventually. A sandcastle was built, and lessons in impermanence were learnt. Afterwards we went to the “Crab Shack.” This was a place I’d seen advertised on billboards and the like since I first came to Savannah, but had never actually gone to. Mostly due to the distressingly naked “crab” they use in their advertisements. It was surprisingly awesome. Of course, the whole place is incredibly “touristy,” but in a charming sort of way. They have a lagoon full of baby alligators that you can feed treats. Plus, the dining area is mostly outdoors, under huge live oaks wrapped with christmas tree lights. It’s one of those places where you order huge platters of steamed shellfish, put the shells down a hole in the middle of the table, and get an entire roll of paper towels.

So we spent most of the week eating. Also, we played a lot of Trivial Pursuit. Leta left again for Arizona this morning, which is probably good, since I’m fairly sure that I’ve put on ten pounds or so in the last week.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Eleanor got a job in the same ice cream shop that Antar works at? So I’ve been dropping by more often, which is probably also a reason.