How do I get in touch?

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What do you use to draw?

The finished art for Margo is generally drawn on Strathmore 500 series bristol board, first with a Zebra mechanical pencil and a Pentel Ain eraser. Then it’s inked with a Platinum carbon pen and ink cartridges. Corrections are done with Deleter pro white or a Uni Posca white pen. The coloring is all done in Photoshop CC with a decade-old Wacom Cintiq connected to a decade-old iMac.

What’s with the missing chapters in the archive?

They’re in books one and two! You gotta buy the book (or get it from the library – or borrow it from a friend!) to read those stories! As new pages go on the site, they stay online until that chapter gets collected in a book. Then a couple chapters become exclusive to the book. So you can read the entirety of the most recent book (currently Book 3) until the book actually hits shelves. The books are very cool though, you should get them.

Does Margo even have license for that scooter?

It’s a long story.