Margo’s interrupted night marks the end of Chapter 7. And that’ll be the first chapter of Margo book 3! You probably don’t need the reminder, but if you’d like copies of the first two, you can click here or ask at your favorite local indie store!

I was trying to avoid it, but there’ll be a short hiatus before the next chapter starts. A bunch of life stuff – good and bad – has cropped up over the last few months. Hopefully the break’ll be no more than a few weeks! Since getting updates through social media can be a little unreliable, and hardly anybody uses RSS feeds anymore, I set up a quick mailing list if you want to get updated when Margo starts updating again. I’ll be sending out the occasional fun update with news from the world of Margo Maloo – but don’t worry, I’m not going to abuse your inbox. Sign up for it here or right below:

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