So… we’re moving to Athens!

Yup, we spent three pretty miserable days apartment hunting, and each day went like this: Beautiful mornings, and we’d be all optimistic about how awesome it was gonna be to live in such a great town. Then the heat starts to crank up, and by three in the afternoon, we’ve decided to fuck it and stay in Savannah. Then the sun starts to set and it’s a beautiful evening and we’re once again jazzed to move. But the UGA students have apparently snapped up all the decent houses, and we’re stuck with places ten miles out of town or run-down dumps – one place we look at, we walk out with fleas. But late on the second day of looking, we found the perfect place – a magical fairyland cottage reasonably close to town. All with overhanging trees and huge windows and ivy growing everywhere. We’re the first ones to look at it, and we decide right away to go for it. We put in our application that evening, and schedule a meeting the next morning. By the time we meet the lady, another couple has entered the picture – slightly older and more respectable – and snatched it from our grasp. Once out of earshot, Eleanor weeps bitter tears of despair.

But! The landlady has a brother who also rents apartments, and he has something available. Shellshocked, we agree to check it out, almost change our minds out of bitterness and spite, and finally drive on over. It’s pretty small – only half of a divided up old house – but very nice! Huge back yard with trees, big kitchen, back porch, lots of storage space for our Little House minicomics and supplies. The guys in the other part of the house are avid gardeners, and the yard is filled with veggies and flowers. So we signed the lease. We didn’t realize just how close it was to downtown until we’d agreed to take it – two blocks away from a bakery/coffeeshop, three or four blocks away from The Grit, and three or four from a co-op grocery. Bohemia, here we come!

Eleanor is still feeling bitter about the fairyland cottage though…

We also managed to spend a good amount of time with our Athens friends, who as always were very kind and hospitable. We’ll soon but their Drew/Eleanor tolerance levels to the test, though!