Blar, part the third:

The wedding was very nice… it took place in a one-room church, with lots of candles, a bit of live music, and a pleasant atmosphere. Dean and Sonrisa both looked incredibly happy.

I scored three pieces of wedding cake at the reception.

Getting up to the wedding was a bit of a trial. We managed to get lost twice, despite the fact that I must have driven from Savannah to Athens at least four or five times. We ended up arriving at the church just in time, having lost our 2 hour lead. We did get to drive through Elberton, the granite capitol of the world.

The next day we hung out with Robert, Mary Jessica, Erin and Patrick Dean. Robert insisted on showing us a bit of Jerkbeast – The Movie, which apparently revolves around a real Seattle cable access call-in radio show, in which a large paper-mache monster and his two cohorts insult the callers.

Every time I see Robert, he’s brandishing yet another example of humanity’s creative potential.

We all went out for Mexican food at Agua Linda – which, believe it or not, does not mean “Linda’s Water.” Afterward, we poked around Los Compadres, the Mexican grocery next door. We got a big glass bottle of coke, two popsicles (coconut and rice) and a big sugar cookie. Eleanor tried to get me to buy boots with embossed alligators on the toes. Then we drove home.