(Preorder the Set to Sea book)

Set to Sea release party was amazing! A lot of friends turned out and bought the book despite my exhortations that they didn’t have to. And not a few strangers turned up as well – it was nice to meet you all. I spent the entire 3 hours sketching in books, so I feel bad that I didn’t get to talk as much as I wanted to everyone. Some photos here. Stuff we had at the Set to Sea release party:
• Tasty, skull-shaped linzer cookies baked by the lovely, amazing Eleanor Davis.
• Our own version of one of those “stick your face in the hole” pictures you see at carnivals – ours being a blown up version of that panel with the pirate captain!
• A raffle for an authentic sailor’s peg leg (definitely not a cheap table leg from Home Depot) doodled upon by yours truly.
• Hard tack!

Pirate Cutouts

When I got back home that night, I found that the book had become “In Stock” on Amazon, so I guess it’s officially released!