My mom and brother are in town right now, so I was going to try to show them the town a bit. The only problem is the ungodly heat outside, which make outdoor activity significantly less appealing to them. Now I don’t what to do with them! Most of the fun stuff to do in Savannah (at least during the day) involves being outside. So I guess we’re about to head off to the mall.

I installed Tiger – very exciting! Eleanor’s been making fun of me for being so enthusiastic about some ridiculous upgrade, and I can’t blame her. But it’s been so long since I updated this machine, it’s almost like getting a brand new computer. Everything’s running faster and smoother, and I’m not constantly having to work around problems.

For instance – I never did figure out how to get my printer to work in “Classic” mode, so anytime I wanted to print something out of Photoshop, I had to save the file as a tiff, and open it up in Preview. Then I had to press “print preview,” which would open the file as a pdf in Acrobat. Then I could print the pdf. Ridiculous, but it’s all in the past! And with the new optical drive, I can burn a cd in like 1/4th the time.

I’ve been reading a lot of Trondheim comics recently, and I highly recommend him, even if you’re scared of European comics. His style is so energetic and packed with ideas. Here’s some comics to check out: Dungeon vols. 1 & 2, Astronauts of the Future, and The Hoodoodad.

I was poking around Ebay the other day, and I found a relatively cheap used copy of the Criterion “Four Samurai Classics” box set of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress, Sanjuro, and Ran. It was still expensive, but hella cheaper than buying all four of the movies separately, even if I found all four of them used. Yeah, I still shouldn’t have – I’m not exactly rolling in the big bucks.

Man, this computer is so sweet now! Everything’s coming up roses!