Howdy y’all. Eleanor and I’ve been spending the last couple days assembling all of the new minicomics we’ve been putting together. Both of us own one of those classic Stanley Bostitch long staplers, which have served well for many years and literally thousands of minicomics. But somehow both of our staplers have simultaneously gone to crap (the staples keep getting bent the wrong way unless you’re very careful.) So we’re trying to figure out if it’s about time to invest in a new stapler, and which one would be best. All the office supply stores seem to only be carrying the Swingline long reach staplers, which are slightly different, but only 23 bucks. We’ve also been considering just going straight for a saddle stitch stapler, which are usually more expensive, but I’ve heard a lot of minicomics dudes recommend. Stanley makes one for about $40.

What’s your favorite mini-making stapler? Anybody got any recommendations?