Well, Doug gave me a “poke,” so I guess I better post something! I really am going to try and make a concentrated effort to post more often.

Lessee… I have been working on a kids’ graphic novel pitch recently! I’ve even got some leads – but no guarantees yet. I just finished nailing down what hopefully will be the final plot. I’ve got ten pages worth of plot synopsis that really needs to get trimmed down to manageable size if I expect anyone to read it. Now I’m working on final designs of the characters.

Here’s some sketches of the first incarnation of some of the major characters. I’m majorly redesigning a lot of them, since these versions are too boring! But if you’re curious:

I’ll post some more up tomorrow.

Eleanor and I are trying to hit every restaurant we’re interested in before we leave town (which isn’t for a while – but that’s a lot of restaurants!) The other day Eleanor, Joey, Michele, David and I all went out to Madras Saravana Bhavan, an “Authentic South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant,” Between the unwieldy name and the very specialized cuisine, it doesn’t seem destined to last very long in pedestrian Savannah – but it was very good! The seem to specialize in huge flat bread things with all sorts of veggies and cheese on top.

Other recent events of note – SCAD had a weekend where they set up a big screen in Forsyth Park and showed free movies, and Eleanor and I managed to catch “North by Northwest.” Besides the uncomfortable flirtatious banter between the leads (sample: “I’m a big girl now.” “Yeah, big in all the right places,”) that had us squirming a bit, it was very entertaining. And I got to check another movie off my big list of “movies we should see some day,” At this rate, we’ll be done shortly before we die. The last movie I checked off the list was Buster Keaton’s “The General,” which we managed to catch a few months back. That showing was actually part of the Savannah Music Festival – the score was provided by a live band in the theatre, who apparently makes their living authentically replicating the soundtracks for old silent films.